The Kindle and I

I bought a Kindle. I had to. facebook_1456756093492

It had gotten to the stage where I needed to choose between my bed and the books, and to be fair, I do love my bed.

For years I believed I’d be the last person to succumb to the pressure of e-readers, but I have to admit that I love it. It’s so great  🙂

Our house wouldn’t be the warmest ever, but I can now read sitting comfortably in bed, because I only need one hand to hold a Kindle, whereas it took two to correctly position a real book, (depending on the size). I’m also conscious of how many trees I may be saving by reading electronically. It’s all good so far.

I used to spend a fortune buying real books, but I’m damn sure that Amazon isn’t about to go out of business overnight because I don’t give them as much money as I used to, nor Waterstones either.

Of course there are still those books that only work in the printed format; those gorgeous ones that you just have to hold in your hand because they’ve got fantastic covers, or because the story is nothing without the illustrations, or because the book has been a best friend to you for all of your life. Those will forever need to be real, so you can lay your hand on them and know that you can open them and disappear into a sacred world.

I  won’t mention here about how great it is to find books for free on the net, or the convenience of using something like Caliber to store them and convert them to the format you need for your e-reader.  I wouldn’t do that, that would be nasty of me.  🙂 🙂

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