Oscar Wilde believed  imitation to be ‘the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness’. Let’s hope Neil Gaiman agrees.


Welcome, player!
You have one life.
Touch the red rose to enter the labyrinth.

Light every candle you find along the way. These may save you.

Do not throw stones at the goblins in the shed, the words they speak are powerful. Remember what they tell you. Thank them.

Step quietly where possible – noise draws unwanted attention. Practice fading.

Fight every battle with dignity. Always be honest; you will lose more than your life for trickery and lies. Stay between the lines.

Pay attention to the rules. Read the instructions. Take all the help offered to you. Lend help where you can.

When you get to the temple, pause. Take off your hat. Leave an offering.

Walk around corners, don’t run. You don’t know what you may meet, and it may kill you.

Don’t stand on the red beetles, just don’t.

Avoid the monkey in the yellow hat – his heart is cold as ice. He will deceive you.

Carry the old lady’s bags for her. She will give you a lamp – Guard it well.

The path is broken up ahead. There are holes. Do not fall – it’s a trap, and the creatures will get you. You won’t hear them coming.

Sometimes things fall on you from above. Look up!

Watch out for the rat-people.

You will be ambushed at the Stone Cross – everybody is, but you will recover . Let it go, move on, you don’t have much time.

The farmer’s wife will give you a warm coat and some food. You will need both. You must write her a sonnet on the back of an acorn before you leave.

You will meet many who seek to disrupt your quest, creatures who would see you fail. Be kind to these, as far as you can, for they are to be pitied. Do them no harm, and leave them a blessing.

fireWhen you reach the centre, leave your mark in the flames of the everlasting pyre. Do not gloat – there are many less fortunate than you, many who have been ensnared by the ice-spiders who lie in wait for the unsuspecting.

Congratulations, player! You have successfully beaten the labyrinth.

Dance on the lawn in front of the cottage to exit.

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