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Someone to be!

I had a text today from a friend who reminded me that I don’t blog anymore.

A requirement of the MA I just finished was that I create and maintain a ‘digital presence’, and I suppose it could be said that I was successful in this, though it was obvious that I didn’t always give voice to what  those in authority were expecting to hear. I don’t believe I was the person they were expecting at all 🙂  Nevermind.

So now that the college year is done, there doesn’t seem to be anything more to say, really. I kept a blog because I had to, not through choice. In truth, I’m rather boring – I’m not a blogger one would decide to follow, I don’t spout little gems of wisdom everyday for all the world to read. I don’t cook astounding meals and blog about the wonderfully organic ingredients I’ve used from my own garden. Neither do I have unusual interests I think everyone else should pay attention to – I don’t keep lizards in the back yard, or breed giant toadstools, or document the phases of the moon. I’m just me.

All my life I’ve wanted to be somebody else. I’ve always envied exciting people, and how their lives seem to offer one adventure after another, (at least, that’s how I see it), and everything is new and interesting and they always have a story to tell (usually uproariously funny). I remember how, as a child, I’d go to sleep secure in the knowledge that I’d wake up as somebody else – I really believed that this was possible, and all I had to do was wish hard enough.

Isn’t it disappointing to get to be almost old and discover that you’re stuck with yourself? I do think though, that social media has a lot to answer for here, in how it attempts to glamourise the lives of others, and hold them up as an example of how we should conduct ourselves in order to be ‘real’ and live our lives in accordance with some set of unwritten rules. Who says?, Why?, and What for?  Were we not all really better off without social media? I tend to lean towards the ‘yes’ camp. It’s an opinion, and we’re still quite entitled to hold our own, are we not?

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